Why Not Other Products?

Everyone loves caffeine, right? But it’s not always easy to be carrying around a coffee around in day to day busy schedules. Holding a cup of burning coffee is less than ideal when you’re getting on a bus, walking in congested areas or working around sensitive materials; it’s not possible to store it in a bag and take it out when needed. Even flasks are notorious for leaking in bags. Not only this, but coffee — and even energy drinks — are expensive! With average Briton spends over £15,000 in coffee shops over a life time. Why not get the caffeine without the coffee? Clearly, alternatives are needed.

Why a Caffeine Lollipop?

Caffeine Lollipops are the perfect solution. Non-Stop Lollipop has teamed up with established confectioners in the UK to create the product you desire. Our caffeine lollipops contain 50mg of caffeine each. This is more than your average coffee or even Red Bull. Despite their caffeine content, Caffeine Lollipops are delicious and come in a range of flavours. This way you can enjoy your caffeine fix more than ever before. Consuming a caffeine lollipop also helps you to slowly release the caffeine, something that pills cannot achieve. Caffeine Lollipops are the perfect item to stash away in your bag or pocket for whenever you need an extra boost. Whether it be for long distance driving, studying, before a workout or just on the day to day grind, this is the perfect item to help you get by.

What’s Special About ‘Non-Stop Lollipop’?

We’re the original developers of the product. Started by a group of Students based in the confectionary capital of the UK, we noticed that there was a high demand for caffeine but the means of consuming this caffeine were often tedious, like brewing coffee, or just didn’t hit the mark! Using our secret recipe we’ve managed to crack the code to provide maximum caffeine content without compromising on flavour. Believe me, it’s harder than it sounds.

This kick on a stick is truly something the market has yet to see, and we want to share it with you.

Non Stop Lollipop LTD is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 10730039

Check out our infographic!

Caffeine Lollipops Infographic